Mad Bob

Mad Bob


WELCOME TO BOB`s BRAIN WORLD! It is amazing. There are a lot of FUNNY and WEIRD stuff in Bob`s brain. We all love him. Your purpose is to keep Bob ALIVE. A lot of powerful MONSTERs are grabbing Bob from his house! Go FIGHTING!!!


It a very special TD game. Your towers will be attacked by Monsters, also they can damage stuff on the map to get more profitable position. Upgrade your towers to defense powerful monsters, otherwise Bob will be grabbed. You must be skillful and fast!!

There are a kind of heroes in the world. They all have a special skill which is powerful. There are only 3 heroes can be chosen in the beginning, but you can collect hero pieces to get more. You need to select different hero to attack different monster. Don`t think of one hero to the end, it is impossible!!

The monsters are ugly and powerful. They will attack your towers and grab Bob. Be careful! They are not only coming from one way. Kill them and Keep Bob alive!!

It is very important to use different tower to defense monsters. Pass more stages, get more powerful towers. Put the towers to the right position. Level up your towers to make them more strong!!

Battle items will help you to pass the stage more easily. Different item has different effect.