Hero Go

Hero Go

Handsome hero after thousands of miles of adventure.

Magic cute pet to accompany around.

Colorful picture, Exciting experience, The source of happiness and laughter.

Easy operating, Full automatic shooting , Only need one finger.

And can organize operations, People more power, small mistakes no problem, there are small partners to help you complete the challenge .

Operating instructions:

  1. Operation: Finger on the screen up and down sliding is the method of operation of the game, the role of automatic attack state, will move with the direction of finger movement.
  2. Enter the game, knock down obstacles, and avoid the obstacles did not destroy, after the loss of obstacles will fall gold, eat gold can go to upgrade characters and pets.
  3. Flying to a certain distance will encounter BOSS, destroyed the boss will be rich in rewards
  4. Dropping props: in the game process, destroyed the obstacles, there will be a certain probability of access to props, props have their own effects, after eating will have to help break through.
  5. After the game will have billing tips, you can see their total score, the current results and obtained gold coins.