An adventure from the unknown!
Where is this? Who am I?

In this familiar and strange field, there is only one road leading to the front…
What? Do you said it was too simple? Now try it! You think it’s too hard? You must be more skillful, and don’t forget to use Seeker’s skill – [A.C.Field]. Believe me, you will get an unprecedented sense of pleasure and achievement in there.

<<F.I.E.L.D>> is a unique game, you need to control Seekers go forward, avoiding the traps and get cubes. Challenge yourself and you will enjoy it!

Operating instructions
– Slide on the right side of the screen to control Seeker
– Press and hold the screen continuous slide can quickly change the direction of Seeker
– Hold down the left side of the screen to use [A.C.Field]

1.Simple operation, full of fun
2.Creative scene
3.Many kinds of Seeker, each one has his good points
4.Dazzling and cleverly trap machine design